The Cashback Dad offers one of the highest rewarding commissionable Affiliate programs around!  If you like to share products or have a web presence, we hope you consider working with us in creating a tremendous Cashback business.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Become a member
  2. Head to the “Account Dashboard”
  3. Go to the Affiliate Program page within your dashboard
  4. Find your own personalized Affiliate Link
  5. Copy the link and share it where ever you can! (blogs, social media, in person!)
  6. When someone clicks and signs up through your link, you have successfully referred someone!
  7. When that referral gets cashback, you also get the same cashback!
  8. Referrals are indefinite, as long as they are an active member of the site

Other competition and why our program is simply…better

Large cashback sites tend to offer a solid one-time bonus for referring members to their site.  This can range anywhere from $10-$50 per sign up.  That’s great and all, but if these members continue to earn cashback, your effort in recruiting them to their site is peanuts compared to how much they bring in.

Also, because these sites are so large now, it means they have to pay a full staff of employees, advertising effort, and more.   This will impact Cashback rates, Affiliate potential, and much more!

Our concept:  Whatever your referrals get…YOU get.  That’s fair.

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Affiliate Background

As an Affiliate manager for a decade, I spent years researching and developing the best Affiliate program around.  I’ve worked with other cashback sites (yes, the big ones).  I’ve also started and ran large corporate Affiliate Programs as well (agency certifications below for proof).  I am truly confident that The Cashback Dad offers one of, if not the most rewarding Affiliate Programs around.