The Best Cashback Cards

The Best Cashback Cards

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*If this message is still here, we have not partnered up with any credit card for our rankings, these are our unbiased and uncommissioned picks*

There are many reasons why someone should consider getting a credit card.  For one, you get more security and fraud detection from a credit card.  So if someone steals and uses your card, it’s not deducted from your bank account like a debit card.

My favorite benefit is, of course, the ability to earn cashback from your purchases.  In fact, we recommend earn cashback not only through your credit card, but also through online cashback sites like ours apps like Dosh.  This is called “Stacking Cashback.”  You get cashback on two levels, from the card and the app/website rebates.  It’s free money people!

Your Credit Card’s Cashback Rate
Using your cashback card, now enter your online cashback offer
Total Cashback Amount$

Anyways here are our picks for the top cashback cards!

1 American Express Blue Cash Preferred

This is our clear number one choice for a few reasons, let’s rank them below:

  1. 6% Cashback on Groceries is an absolute monster level of cashback for an everyday type of purchase
  2. American Express Offers!  Simply login to your AMEX app or account and find deals to link to your card.  We’ve saved thousands of dollars because the deals available are legit!
  3. 6% Cashback on Streaming channels like Netflix and Hulu (a recurring monthly purchase)
  4. 3% Cashback on Gas, which is very respectable for the class!

2 PNC Cash Rewards

If there’s a card that flies well under the radar, it’s the PNC Cash Rewards card.  This bank operated card is somewhat harder to apply for (and get approved to), but packs a massive punch in the cashback realm.  Here’s why:

  1. 4% Cashback on Gas – this is the best available right now
  2. 3% Cashback on Dining – this matches what Capital One’s SavorOne card
  3. 2% Cashback on Groceries – not the best in class but if this is your only card, it’s still beats out 80% of the other cashback rates out there!

3 Capital One Savor

capital one

There’s the Capital One SavorOne (which nets 3% Cashback on Dining), and then there is the harder to be approved for Capital One Savor (notice it’s without “One).  This is the card to get for Dining if you can get it.  You want this card for it best in class 4% cashback for Dining.

It’s ranked #3 as it should be a supplement to one of the cards listed above.  In fact, if you can grab this card + the American Express Blue Cash Preferred you’ll be on top of the cashback world!

4 USBank Cash+


Another card that goes highly underrated and underutilized is the USBank Cash+.  This card works much like Chase Freedom and Discover IT, where your card is eligible for 5% cashback on categories.  Unlike thoss two though, you get to pick your categories each quarter.  There’s even a helpful resource they provide to help you pick categories -> here

Here’s why I like this card:

  1. One of the categories you can pick: Utilities – this would make it best in class for utility cashback
  2. Another category:  Furniture Stores – this would make it best in class for a high end home decor purchase
  3. 2% cashback on Gas, Groceries, and Restaurants is respectable but a 1% increase in this category could really boost this card into top 1-2

5 Amazon Prime Rewards Visa

For those who shop on Amazon (which is 99% of the people on the internet) you may want to look into this card for it’s 5% Cashback on all Amazon purchases. Backed by Chase, which enables you to use Chase Offers (a competitor of American Express Offers), you’ll also be eligible for card linked offers on dining and other places for instant cashback.

This Amazon card which supplies that 5% Cashback also applies to Amazon companies like Whole Foods.  Which makes it a must have if you are a regular shopper at this premium grocery store.

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