Ever notice the fluctuating cable bill every month?  Perhaps you aren’t happy with your home security bill after years of a stress-free environment.  Either way, if you aren’t looking into lowering your bills regardless of the function, whether it’s electric or cell phone, there are always ways to save on bills.

Several companies are taking bill cutting into another dimension by negotiating them for you.  That’s right, you can let these four services below handle your bills (some of them), and they’ll negotiate them on your behalf.  See real savings within weeks!

Actual Cable and Internet Usage (%)

  • Online
  • Outages
  • Speed Issues

Get Your Bill Negotiated!

Most people don’t realize you can actually have apps negotiate your cable and internet bill!  Try these incredible services today!

1:  Trim

Let a robot handle your cable or internet bill using AskTrim (or Trim).  We’ve done a case study on the Trim app, and we continually see $20 credited back in our cable bill account thanks to the app.  Here’s how it works:

  • Sign Up
  • Link Your Cable Company Account (i.e., Comcast, RCN, Spectrum)
  • Let the Trim Robot Work
  • Get Statement Credit Whenever Applicable
Easy Bill Cutting with Trim

The Trim Robot will look for cable and internet outages within your area, along with other ways to negotiate your bill.  This app is super useful and easy to use.  Also, Trim does not charge you if they cannot get your money back on your statement.  They recently introduced several new negotiations serviced including Sirius XM and a broader spectrum of Cable Companies!



2: Truebill

Of all of the bill negotiating services, TrueBill acts the most similarly to Trim.  Simply hook up your services to Truebill including your cable bill along with several categories including Home Security and Cell Service, then you’ll receive notices whenever there has been a success in the negotiation of your bill.


One of the nicer additions to the Truebill service is the ability to look into your finances as well, although we tend to think these apps should stay separate entities.  Though you may want the additional service of cancelling unwanted services, including cable.  Yes, Truebill will help you find ways to cancel services you simply do not want anymore!

truebill cancel


3:  BillShark

While you won’t have a robot do the negotiating for you, BillShark works with Humans instead.  Backed by the “Shark” himself, Mark Cuban, BillShark will actually negotiate bills through direct communication.

Billshark savings calculator
Try out their Savings Calculator

Like Trim, you’ll only be charged a modest fee if there are any statement credits or money back into your account!


4:  Bill Slasher

Unlike Trim, BillShark, and TrueBill, Bill Slasher is the most hands-on service that will take a look at any cable and internet bill and see if there is room for negotiation.  Sure, these guys don’t offer neat Financial Advice or Fancy Robots, but they’ll get the job done at a minimum cost (only if they are successful at getting statement credits).

bill slasher

How to get started with Bill Slasher would take a smartphone or digital camera and snap a picture of your latest cable and internet bill.  Start from there, and let Bill Slasher handle the rest!

Bill Slasher

Truth be told, this is a money hack that many simply ignore or don’t take action on.  Your cable bill is something that can be negotiated and it’s free money left on the table.  Take action and join one of these amazing services today.

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