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Credit Cards are like Pizzas.  Once you have one, you’ll never not have another.  Plus, people forget that many credit cards offer the way better perks and benefits than traditional debit cards.

Cashback 🤑 is a prime example of why you should be using credit cards.  It’s as simple as getting a certain percentage back for each and every purchase.  Plus, you can’t beat the added security 🔒 of fraud protection most credit cards offer!

It’s important to note that you should always pay off a credit card as much as possible and treat it as a debit card!

Credit Card Cashback Calculator

Capital One Savor


This card gets 4% on dining! (pizza included)
Money you get back!
US Bank Cash+


This card enables you to pick your cashback category (including food options)
Money you get back!

Don’t forget the cashback toppings

Now that you have a card, you should open up to delicious credit card toppings.


Link your card and be eligble for rewards from Starbucks, Chipotle, and dozens more.  So here’s how Drop works:  Sign up –> Link a Credit Card –> Pick Places You Normally Shop or Dine!  Once you’ve utilized your linked card at these places you’ll earn points.  Redeem points for gift cards and contests for more points and prizes.

drop 💸

dosh app logoDosh

Let’s say your credit card offers 1% cashback on every purchase.  Did you know you can stack cashback by including more offers easily!  Simply sync your credit card with Dosh and automatically be eligible for cashback and local restaurants and hotels.


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Cashback Calculator

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