Affiliate News: Facebook Affiliate Marketplace

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Listening into Mark Zuckerberg’s Live Instagram (Facebook’s CEO), today he announced a very interesting tidbit in that there will be an Affiliate Marketplace to help influencers and content producers to find and track offers easily. As Cashback is primarly ran through Affiliate, we’re certainly interested to see how this new marketplace/network will be.

Why You Should NOT Start a Blog

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I know what you are thinking:  don’t start a blog from the guy who has a blog, right?  Wrong.  The blog content on our website earns us pretty much a pretty penny each year and only use it to supply content to our real business model: Cashback.  Sorry to be The Dad here. I am NOT a […]

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Skip Heavy Legal Fees and Ask a Lawyer (for a fraction)

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Legal situations are never fun to deal with.  That’s why when you want to get a solution you should definitely look around online for the best solution.  Sure, you can ask your lawyer friend, but if it’s a real situation, you’ll need to pay eventually. One time, I went to see a lawyer about a […]

5 Wedding Registry Ideas

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When it’s comes time for your wedding, planning takes most of your time and energy.  We’ve compiled some pretty neat services below that will help you on your wedding journey 🙂 Registry Services There are many joys of planning a wedding, but there are also many annoying parts of planning a wedding.  A gift registry, […]

10 Ways to Reuse Your Old Phone

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If you are looking to upgrade your phone, what exactly are you doing with your old phone?  Don’t tell me you are just stashing it away somewhere in a drawer!?!  There are quite a few good uses for your old phones that you probably haven’t thought of yet.  There’s still time even though you may […]