Credit Card Hacks (7)

Credit Card Hacks! Earn Money Back By Linking Your Card

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You’ll be happy to learn that earning cash back, loyalty points, and rewards can be received in many ways.  One of the surprising and new techniques is to link your credit card to specific apps.  We’ve talked about Trim and how you can auto-negotiate your cable bill, Earny the app that gives you price change refunds, Ibotta on in store cash back opportunities.  Now earn even more money back just by dining at restaurants by linking your credit card.  Here is our growing list of high credit card hacks and apps.

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Unlike most card linking apps, you’ll find the highest cashback rates including hotels, local restaurants, and more under one roof.  Our number one recommended card linking app!  One story from DOSH themselves:

Bob DeRochie is a fan of DOSH for one specific reason. He just earned nearly $500 in cashback on a 3-night stay at the Marriott in Minneapolis City Center, and he isn’t alone. In fact, Dosh has given over $100,000 in cash back in the first few months since it launched.


Probably the most ambitious competitor to DOSH would be SPENT.  In addition to the card linking cash back, SPENT adds the ability to track receipts and expenses as well and DOSH but with budgeting as well.  Keep receipts and expenses stored in the SPENT app and earn an additional 1% back at places like Amazon, Starbucks, Walgreens, and other popular merchants.

Spent app

Shop Your Way

This app barely makes this list, because their in-store linked offers are with Sears.  It’s foreseeable that Shop Your Way will eventually become the Sears Online Shopping portal.  In the meantime, you can earn points and rewards when you link your card to both the Shop Your Way portal and your Sears purchases.  Earn $2 in points for EVERY UBER RIDE YOU TAKE!


Yelp Cash Back

The famous review website, Yelp, has released new card-linked cash back feature allows you to try out new restaurants while also earning money back!

cash back yelp feature

Swagbucks Local

The website offering points for taking surveys and watching videos also operates as a cash back portal.  And now, Swagbucks has introduced a card linked option where you can earn money back by going to particular restaurants (much like Yelp’s new feature)


A great place for cash back online, the company is rolling out ways to link shopping online and in the real world with their card-linked offers.  For example, buy American Eagle Outfitter products and earn cash back for shopping in-store (that will be credited to your Ebates account)

This traditional promo code and coupon site also provide card-linked offers.  Earn money back for eating out locally or at particular merchants!


This reward app rewards you for multiple actions when it comes to shopping.  You can earn rewards by merely visiting online stores.  Link your card to the Shopkick app and earn in-store rewards by doing simple tasks like scanning items or just by walking into a shop!

shopkick how it works


This app has been recently released and offers a hands-off approach to earning points.  Link your primary credit/debit card and earn points when you spend at favorite merchants like Walgreens, Chipotle, or Target (few others).  Redeem points for gift cards at places like Starbucks.  Another fun way to earn more points is to play their game where it’s similar to the game Snake, make one point for each thing you eat with your Snake!

Fuel Rewards

We’ve written about how to save on every gallon of gas, and Fuel Rewards is a part of it.  You can link your Visa, or Mastercard (Earn more if it’s a Mastercard) and earn an automatic 5c off each gallon at Shell gas stations.

fuel rewards shopping portal

Groupon +

Is this the future of Groupon (waving over our magic ball)?  You are now able to link your card to Groupon, and earn cash back for dining at specific restaurants in your area.  Much like the previous offers that Yelp and Swagbucks offer, dining is the focus here, and since Groupon has already tapped into discounts within restaurants, this could be a growing feature shortly!

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