Fluz: 4% Cashback at Apple

Fluz: 4% Cashback at Apple

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For those who have used the cashback app Fluz (which is only available through iOS and Android) I’m curious to hear your experience about this cashback app.  When I signed up back in 2018 or 2019 I had found the app way too confusing and hard to understand…and I’m literally posting about cashback on a daily basis.  I do see that they are providing a 4% cashback for Apple products (which is pretty darn good)…but any place that needs a full webpage to explain how it works…is a little bit out there for me:

fluz app

From what I gather this site does give solid cashback for your effort to buy promo codes, buy a gift card, then use a cashback credit card to check out.  Oh and of course, refer people to the app because user acquisition is the hardest part of the cashback realm.  But, if I’m working this hard, I’m not sure it’s worth that much time and effort to get into it.

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