GetUpside Gives You Money Back on Gas Fill-Ups!

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Saving on an everyday expense is something that most people fail to do.  With the fluctuating cost of gas, and it being a bit lower than usual, it’s still awesome whenever you can save on fill-ups.

We’ve mentioned over ten ways to save on gas locally, and we’re going to take the opportunity to explain one of the coolest apps out there that can save you, and give you extra money just by filling up!

Just What is the GetUpside App?

Started in Washington DC, this new company will give you money back if you buy gas at specific locations.  If you’ve been reading our site, often you’ll this app operates a lot like other Card Linked apps, where you can link a credit or debit card and get money back at specific locations.

GetUpside works almost the same way in that you’ll earn cash back.  You’ll need to pay with a Credit Card, but it’s not linked or a vital part of the app.  What’s more important is the receipt you get from a completed Gas Fill Up.

gas receipt

How to Use the GetUpside app

You’ll need first to get an account to make sure everything is handled correctly within the app.  It’s as easy as using your email address plus confirming it for safety purposes.

Try GetUpside and use code TODD6363

Use the promo code TODD6363 to get 15 cents off each gallon fillup (or get it as cashback towards a gift card or PayPal)

After you’ve signed up, you’ll be eligible to pick out locations within the app.  You can also do a search on your PC for local places if you are at work and are looking for deals that way:

Searching for Deals

Finding a deal is one thing, another thing is decrypting what the GetUpside app saves you.  Many people get a tad confused on the Per Gallon savings, and we’ll explain that below.

per gallon upside

An essential function of searching for deals is claiming them.  If you don’t claim them, the app will not work as intended.  You’ll see the claim button for the offer you want to try out through the app, which is available on iOS and Android by the way.

How GetUpside Deals Work

From this example, you’ll note an 8 cent Per Gallon savings on your fill up.  So here’s the breakdown of the app and how your savings will work:

  • First, You Need to Claim the Offer
  • Fill Up Your Car at the Normal Rate of $2.14 (See Above, the Strikethrough Text is What You Pay Initially)
  • Finish Filling Up and GET THE RECEIPT!!!
  • Scan Receipt on the GetUpside app
  • Your Receipt will show how many Gallons You Filled
  • The GetUpside app will Deposit 8 cents for each gallon you filled!

While 8 Cents Per Gallon doesn’t appear to be a ton of cash, and won’t make you filthy rich, things add up when you save on everyday expenses like this, so don’t be surprised if you get a $100-$200 PayPal deposit from this app at the end of each year!

On that note, it’s crucial to reach at least a $20 threshold on your savings if you want a Payout from the Upside app!

Where to find GetUpside Locations

There’s a good chance that this app isn’t available in your state yet.  This company is based in DC so don’t expect a West Coast appearance anytime soon.  That being said they are already available in these states:

  • DC (duh)
  • Florida
  • Maryland
  • Long Island
  • Delaware
  • Virginia
  • North and South Carolina

Coming Soon to the GetUpside App…

As always, any app that intrigues us, we’ll place them on our top Money apps list, and GetUpside is no exception.  We’ve also reached out to GetUpside and found out they have a few BETA (coming soon) categories that should be exciting for those who like to save on stuff.

GetUpside will join other Card Linked apps like DOSH and Drop in the local Dining Cash Back field!  But more importantly, they are expected to land deals with Grocery stores!

We’re particularly curious to see how they build out the Grocery function given that outside of Gas Fill-Ups, Groceries have always been a significant expense for the average family.

This function, sadly, is only available in Washington DC.

grocery getupside

How GetUpside Makes Money

One obvious question is: Just How Does GetUpside Make Money?!

Because you get essentially free cash for saving on gas and groceries, one must be curious as to how a company thrives if it gives away money!  GetUpside makes money through partnerships with these Gas Stations and Grocery Stores.

Think about it this way.  If your Gas Station needs customers, wouldn’t you love to have GetUpside advertise a Cash Back offer so that it attracts more customers?  It’s likely that each Gas Station charges Per Sale of Each confirmed Receipt through the GetUpside app.  It’s Free Advertising until someone tries the app, plus it brings customers…not a bad business model if you ask me!

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