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Groupon+ is the Feature You Are Missing Out On

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For those who love dining out at local restaurants, tasting food from different cultures, you’ve probably entered the stratosphere of Groupon, the popular discount service.  Groupon is still ticking strong they bought LivingSocial a few years back, so that’s why you probably haven’t heard from them in a while.  Groupon offers discounts on pretty much any local service including restaurants, auto repair, shopping, and events.

Groupon + Plus

We could explain how the Groupon system works, but we’ll give you the benefit that you’ve already tried the app before and are eager to learn of it’s the newest capability: Cash Back.  Yes, Groupon is now offering deep cash back discounts that are still in the works called Groupon+ or Plus.

Groupon’s Biggest Issue Now Solved (Voucherless)

For many, Groupon is an excellent gateway for deals and discounts through our local community.  There is one major flaw though: Social Conscious of Taking Out a Groupon and Presenting It.  Sure most of us don’t feel wrong handing over a Groupon, but for many, we know that when you offer a Groupon to a server or event, the business itself will lose money doing so.

For many of us, it’s pretty embarrassing to hand out a paper Groupon or even handing our phone to a waiter for them to redeem.  It feels dated and kind of irritating.

Coupons have been around for ages now, but Groupons tend to be more significant discounts than a typical coupon cut-out.  When you fork over a restaurant based coupon, you may feel wrong in doing so.  Well, with Groupon’s newest addition, you can swipe your card and feel like you’ve always have been without any contempt.

How Groupon Plus Works

Before you go looking for Cash Back (Plus) offers you’ll need to do a few things first to make sure you’ll get money back correctly.  To do so head to this Groupon Plus Page directly https://www.groupon.com/mylinkeddeals.  You’ll likely be prompted to sign up or log in there.

From this page, you’ll need to link a credit card (or debit) to assign cash back to.


Groupon Plus Page

Now that you’ve linked card(s) to your account you can start to claim offers at no additional cost (YAY!).  Doing this, however, isn’t fully advertised by Groupon yet.  In fact, in our trials, we’ve noted that Plus deals aren’t even on the front page yet.  This means you are ahead of the game when it comes to saving on restaurant deals!!

Finding Groupon + Cash Back Deals

If you are subscribed to Groupon’s newsletter, there’s a good chance you’ve received some Plus notification, but for many of us, email isn’t always checked.  You can find + deals by heading to the regular search page of Groupon.  Once you are there in the search bar, enter in “Cash Back.”  Oddly enough entering in “Groupon+” or “Plus” won’t get results.

Groupon+ Deals Search
Be Sure You Have The Right Location!

It’s Still a New Function

We’re still a bit surprised that Groupon hasn’t totally spent a ton of marketing and advertising dollars into this function.  Like we mentioned this kind of thing, could be Groupon’s future.  Also it’s not widely available nationwide so many cities and towns are don’t have access to Groupon + deals just yet.

Alternative Card Linkable Apps

The new wave of Fintech has brought these types of cash back additions to your wallet.  Not only does Groupon Plus work, but we’ve tested a few others and have found some excellent results.  With this addition, Groupon Plus offers different results from the other apps, so be sure to look around.  Here are some of the other card-linked offer apps we have found!

  • Dosh – Check out our review here
  • SPENT – Expenses and Cash Back
  • Drop – Earn Rewards using your card
  • Yelp Cash Back – Similar to Groupon +
  • Shop Your Way – Sears’ last leg of existence

How Safe is Card Linking?

While this is something a card linking service like Groupon or Dosh will have to continually answer, from our experience we’ve never experienced any sort of security or privacy breach from these kinds of apps.

It’s totally viable for those who are more wary about their financial information to ask this question but rest assured it’s backed by tons of encryption, and since most banks are FDIC insured, you really shouldn’t have to worry about financial issues.

Our Verdict…

Plus is a great addition to boost Groupon's Customer Base
We’ve all used Groupon to an extent, but with the Groupon+ Plus addition we feel it solves a problem and adds way more value proposition to the popular brand.
Unique Value
Potential Impact
Ease of Use
New Way To Save
Add Plus to Your Repertoire

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