One day, a pair of Nike Shoes will be $50, the next $100, or vice versa.  Luckily, if you were the sucker who spent $100 on those shoes, you can get your $50 back!  Yep, now you can live without buyer’s remorse!

Get Price Protected!

Most people have no clue...

This article will show you how to get money back on stuff you already have purchase (up to 120 days!!)  It’s time to unlock a VERY Underutilized Credit Card Benefit:  Price Change Protection

What Price Change protection does is help you get money back should a price on an item you bought go down.  You’ll get credited with the difference!  Lots of people don’t utilize this benefit because, well, it’s pretty confusing and hard actually to actually redeem.  So people basically just give up on this benefit.  Again, though it’s worth noting this is a Credit Card perk only (not debit).

Fret not!  There are several services that help you easily sift through potential refunds and file them for you!

Time Frame of Price Protection: Depending on where you’ve bought your product you can be protected from 7 through 120 days!

1: Earny

No not Ernie from Bert and Ernie (Sesame Street), this is Earny the price changing friendly neighborhood robot.  Through the Earny app, you can sync up your Amazon account along with your email address and have Earny scan for receipts on online purchases.  From there Earny:

  • Finds Price Change Opportunities
  • Notifies You
  • Files Them For You
  • Gets Money Back For You
    • *Charges Minimal Fee If Successful*

You’ll need to have purchased these online items using an applicable credit card with price change protection.  Yeah…we didn’t know that at first, so make sure you look at your credit card’s benefits and scan for a price change guarantee benefit.  Earny supplies credit card offers there just in case you were interested in getting a card with the benefit.  Taking advantage of Earny Price Protection could be a major saver!

earnyEarny has recently introduced a new way to help you get money back on hotel reservations too!

2:  Paribus

Hook up your gmail account to Paribus, and it will then scan through your email to find receipts and product purchase confirmation letters.  Just be sure to keep those emails in your inbox. 

While you may think this is just another price change protector, this one is actually operated by Capital One.

Price Drop Examples on the dashboard

Once logged into the Paribus dashboard, you’ll see all of the fantastic price drops that have been rewarded by other users.  See the example below.

Paribus Review Photo

3:  Sift

This one works pretty much the same way as Earny, although with Earny you’ll likely be reminded many times about the credit card protection offers, and with Sift they don’t hassle you too much about them.  Although you’ll still need to assign an applicable credit card, the advertising for Credit Cards are less apparent here.

We’ve also found Sift to be super responsive and very quick to point out new price changes, almost instantly when it happens.

With Sift it’s so easy even a cave dweller, a gecko, office linebacker or a dufus can file price change refunds.

sift wallet bike

Honorable Mentions

Yes, you can even score money back on travel!


Ever notice a car rental reservation always seems to change price over the course of a week?  Travel definitely depends on price changing for more revenue.  Luckily your car rental reservation could be price protected by Autoslash.  They’ll need many details about your trip including:

  • Car Rental Service
  • Make and Model (if you have it)
  • Reservation Number

Supply Autoslash with as much information as you can so they can track price changes and get you the best rate.




Hotel reservations are also prone to price changes over time.  And now there is a service for that as well!  Pruvo acts as your new booking agent for your hotel reservation and will re-book your room if there is a new lower price available.  How it works:

  • Send Pruvo Hotel Confirmation via Email
  • No Credit Card Needed
  • They’ll Notify if there is a New Reservation at Lower Price via their Hotel Price Tracking Software
  • Re-book through Pruvo

Because there is no credit card needed and just a forwarded email could save you hundreds of dollars for your stay, making Pruvo a nice companion for travel savings.  Looking for the right email to forward to?  Since we’ve partnered up with them, you can forward reservations to Booking@The Cashback!  Side Note:  You’ll need to book a hotel directly through a provider like Hilton or Marriott, rather than Priceline.

Before and After Pruvo

Typical Questions

Are these services safe?

For example, Paribus has worked very hard to make sure that the information (see link) that they collect is safe for you.  They do require a credit card eventually, but that is to pay for the refund fees back to Paribus.  So these companies take security very seriously, after all they’ll lose business if they don’t!

How will I be notified of changes and how long from a purchase do I have to see a possible refund?

It depends on the merchant.  Many offer different periods up to 3 months from your initial purchase to be eligible for a price change refund!  Amazon recently has changed their price match policy to seven days.

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