Swagbucks Review: Get Your Swag on!


Swagbucks Review: Get Your Swag on!

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The web is full of money making apps and ideas, but it’s hard to choose one that will stay around quite a bit.  If you are looking for an app like this, you’ve come to the right place because we know all about an app that is called Swagbucks, that has been pretty much forever, and offers tremendously easy money opportunities.

Today we’ll review all the potential question you might have about the popular app, plus some unique new features you are probably missing out on!

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Is Swagbucks a Legit Option to Earn?

The answer is undoubted yes!  Swagbucks, or the company behind it all, Prodege has been around for around a decade, focusing on unique and easy money making tasks for an average person.  Over the years the earning options have changed, like Watching Videos, to Filling out Surveys, the goal has remained the same.

This company is not a scam, but if you don’t complete a Swag Task like a Survey all the way through with honest answers, or cancel a movie trailer before it’s over, don’t expect to earn Swagbucks.

For those looking to hit the lottery or make a full-time income from Swagbucks, or any site that offers the same kind of easy money, is barking up the wrong tree.  Still, the money is real here!

The company Prodege has acquired other major e-commerce sites like MyPoints, InboxDollars, and ShopAtHome, to ensure their customers grow in size and the earning opportunities grow along with it!


A cashback website is offering ways to get money back on stuff you might purchase through the portal.  Let’s say you shop at Macy’s and ShopAtHome offers 2% back on your purchase.  It’s as simple as heading over to ShopAtHome, then purchasing something from Macy’s, and then receiving the 2% back into your ShopAtHome account.



Interesting enough, MyPoints works exactly the same as Swagbucks does!  You can earn points through surveys, shopping online, and watching videos.  The overall look and feel of the website are indeed different though.  Depending on which user interface you prefer, MyPoints is a solid option as well because it’s the same business model as Swagbucks!



…and yes it’s cool if you sign up to these websites in addition to Swagbucks!

How Does Swagbucks Make Money?

Most companies including Prodege won’t tell you exactly how each dollar is made, though we do know that they’ve made a portion of their revenue through what is known as Affiliate Marketing.

For example, the Swag Bucks, ShopAtHome, SwaqIQ, and MyPoints shopping portion of their website require them to partner up with Macy’s for example.  When a customer uses Swagbucks to buy something from Macy’s, through the power of Affiliate Links and Partnerships, Swagbucks will then receive revenue.  This revenue is then dispersed to a customer or user.

Affiliate Marketing is a legit and legal way to earn as a business, and we talk about it quite a bit on this site!

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Can You Make Real Money From Swagbucks?

Absolutely!  Swagbucks (Prodege) has revenue in the 100’s of millions of dollars at their disposal and never disappoints when it comes to making real money.  You’ll first need to earn Swag Points by completing tasks like Watching Videos or Playing Games, but those Bonus Swag Points are redeemed for either Gift Cards of your choice or PayPal Cards in the amounts of:

  • $5
  • $10
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100

paypal cash card

We’ve highlighted why you might want to invest in a PayPal Cash Card as one of our top debit cards because you can redeem PayPal Cards into Cash the easiest and fastest!

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How Much is One Swag Buck (SB)?

SBs or Swagbucks is the currency in which the website Swagbucks rewards for a completed task.  Let’s say watching a trailer will give you 10 SB, this means once you’ve completed watching the video those 10 SBs will be inside your account.  You’ll want to keep adding them up until you can redeem them for gift cards or PayPal Cards.

Each SwagBuck is worth $0.01 or one Penny.  This can change at any given time, but for now, that’s how much each SB is worth.

For example, you watch the full trailer for 10 SB and get $0.10.

It’s always good to check your balance which is typically located on the top right of your browser, or the menu of the mobile app:

swagbucks balance
Check Top Right Area

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Do Surveys Really Pay You?  Why?

Surveys have been around since, well, forever!  They offer a quick and easy way to get customer feedback on potential new products, services, and improvements.  Sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and MyPoints are places where these companies can go to find eligible survey takers since the clientele is pretty darn big.

So think of it this way, a survey company will pay Swagbucks to use their interface, and Swagbucks then rewards you with Swagbucks (SB) to take them.  Everyone makes money, and all is happy!

Surveys Found Everywhere!

People often forget that retail stores and restaurants offer surveys and feedback opportunities for rewards.  You don’t need a Swagbucks account to get a Free Drink from Sonic Drive-In, or Enter a $15,000 Sweepstakes at Little Caesar’s Pizza.

Walmart Survey Receipt
Walmart’s $1,000 Sweepstakes Feedback

How to Sign Up for Swagbucks (Rules Included)

It’s super easy to sign up for Swagbucks, or MyPoints (remember, the same company).  All you need to do is head over to Swagbucks and:

  • Makes Sure You Are 13+ Years of Age
  • Valid Email (Verify it to use Swagbucks properly)
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

Once you’ve verified and downloaded either the app or using the internet browser you should be ready to go.  However, if you are using an Ad Blocker, be sure to uncheck it in order to use Swagbucks to it’s fullest potential.

swagbucks ad blocker

How to Earn Swagbucks (SB) on the Site

Firstly, you can earn not only through the browser but through the mobile app found on iOs and Android app stores (just search Swagbucks).

1:  Watching Movie Trailers

Yes, it’s entirely possible to earn money watching videos and trailers.  What a dream right?!  Well, there are tons of options here, and it’s easy to get started.  Just log in and head either to the left menu or scroll down to see video watching options.  Or just head here –> www.Swagbucks.com/Watch

swagbucks video

2:  Playing Games

Another popular earning route is playing games.  Pretty cool that you could make money playing games these days, and plenty are doing it professionally through Twitch.  To do so on Swagbucks, just head over to www.Swagbucks.com/Games

angry birds play


*Keep in mind, that in order to get SB from games, so require you to spend money on them, whereas some do not!  Pay attention to each gaming option.

3:  Using Swagbucks Search

You can replace Google, Bing, or Yahoo! with Swagbucks and earn money simply by doing basic searches through it’s search engine.  This route won’t reward much since you’ll have to click on a retailer on the top of each search and buy something in order to receive SB.  Still, if you are looking for products and services, by replacing it with Swagbucks, you can earn money.  Interested?  Head over to www.Swagbucks.com/search

swagbucks search

4:  Shopping

Interested in buying something from Macy’s or Best Buy?  Check out Swagbucks first for ways to earn extra SB (www.Swagbucks.com/shop)!  Here’s how it works:

  • Be Logged into Swagbucks
  • Check Swagbucks for Retailer
  • Notice the SB Rate if You Buy from Retailer
  • Click on that Retailer from Swagbucks
  • Buy Something from Retailer
  • Earn SB shortly thereafter!

walmart shopping swagbucks

The shopping option, which works on MyPoints as well, is something referred to as Cashback.  You’ll find a similar business model on sites like Ebates, DOSH, TopCashback and several more.

5:  Taking Surveys Earns You Swag!

Probably the most natural function of Swagbucks is their survey options.  All you need to do is pick out a survey from the dashboard or head over to www.Swagbucks.com/Surveys to locate all available does it work.

swagbucks survey
Long Survey, Bigger SB Reward!

In order to take them you might need to be eligible.  Plus, be sure to complete each survey as best as you can as sometimes these can be reversed due to low quality answers!

6:  *NEW* SwagIQ

Do you like Trivia?  If you do, you’ll love SwagIQ because not only can you earn a single SB for each correctly answered trivia question, but if you end up winning the Trivia Contest, which is held twice per day, you can win big!  Here’s more info:

  • MOBILE APP ONLY (iOS and Android)
  • Uses Your Current Swagbucks Account Email
  • Each SwagIQ Contest is LIVE!
  • Earn 1 SB for Each Correct Answer
  • Bonus Re-tries are Given


It’s easy to use the app and a decent way to earn extra Swagbucks, which in turn could be redeemed for Cash!

7:  Shop and Dine Locally

Ever thought you’d be able to shop and eat locally and earn rewards doing so?  These days, we’ve seen an explosion of local cashback apps come into existence.  It’s an easy and incredible way to earn extra cash for stuff you might already be doing!  How does it work?

  • Log into Swagbucks
  • Head to www.Swagbucks.com/cashback
  • Link a Card (Preferably the one you’d use to go shopping with)
  • Earn an extra 500 SB!!!
  • Head to any of the advertised Cash Back Eligible Places!

swagbucks local cashback

Once you’ve dined or shopped at these locations, you’ll receive the advertised cashback or SB rate!  No need to check or apply each place either, you are automatically entered to get the SB!

Check out these incredible alternatives to Swagbucks Local:

These apps do the same thing as mentioned above, but combine them together to find even more local cashback deals!! 

Get Swagbucks

Ready to Redeem SB?  Here’s How!

There are multiple redemption options at Swagbucks, from donation to gift cards.  Again, let’s think of each SB as 1 penny.  As you earn SB you are earning pennies at a time, and those can eventually be turned into some transaction.

That’s…quite a number!

You can begin redeeming with as little as 5 SB, this however this only applies to the donation portion of the site.  We think a good SB balance would be 300 SB to start redeeming!

Here are some of the example cards available:

  • Amazon $3 Gift Card (300 SB)
  • Amazon $5 Gift Card (500 SB)
  • PayPal $25 (2500 SB)
  • Wal-Mart $10 Gift Card (1000 SB)
  • Unicef Donation (Starting at 5 SB)
  • and so forth

Once you’ve selected your option, you’ll submit it, and get the card IN YOUR EMAIL INBOX within minutes.

Our Verdict…

Make Extra Cash Easily
It’s no wonder that Swagbucks has been around for over a decade now. As a user you’ll be able to find easy opportunities like Watching Videos, Taking Surveys, and even Playing Video Games! With flexible redemptions, it’s nice to have this app on your smartphone or PC.
Is it Easy?
Should I Stick With It?
Should I Share This?
Will it Help Any Financial Situation?
Why You Should Use Swagbucks
It's Easy Extra Money
Lots of Opportunities to Earn
Company is Stable
Why You Should Not Use Swagbucks
Takes a Long Time Earn Enough to Redeem
Some Functions Like Search Can Be Confusing

Swagbucks Affiliate Program

Prodege has most of their money in the Affiliate world, it only makes sense that they spend a bunch of money with their own Affiliate Programs!  Yes, you’ll find that Swagbucks AND MyPoints have Affiliate Program.  Though they only reward for Confirmed Email Sign Ups, as in, someone confirming their email address.

  • Swagbucks is on Impact, AWIN, and CJ.com
  • MyPoints is on CJ and Impact
  • SwagIQ is on Impact

You’re welcome 😉

Want to Take More Surveys?

You can quickly earn money online through various survey companies.  Swagbucks and MyPoints are ones we have briefly written up about before, but there’s another company looking to focus solely on survey taking, eliminating the other aspects of reward points like Watching Videos or Playing Games.  Survey Junkie is the perfect place for those who want to earn a bit of side cash by taking a few surveys and making money.  Sure, you may have to take several dozen surveys for the money to add up to something worthwhile, but taking surveys is…well easy!

Survey Junkie’s Interface

Once you sign up to Survey Junkie, you’ll be introduced to survey options right away.  While we don’t know for sure, each survey may help the company send you more surveys after you take them.  For example, once you fill out a general survey like where you are from or gender, they may submit a survey about sports or jewelry.  Taking these surveys through Survey Junkie is easy and straightforward.

Survey Junkie Dashboard

For each survey, you earn points along the way.  We’ve found out that 100 points are the equivalent to 1 Dollar.  So if you’ve made 1000 Points, you have enough for 10 Dollars.

Surveys Keep Popping Up!

At Survey Junkie, they’ll send you surveys whenever they come ready by sending you emails.  You can always check the dashboard for additional surveys, and if you don’t stay on top of it, it’s still good to check the panel.  We love the feature where you’ll be able to tell how much time it takes for a single survey since time is precious after all.

quick survey

The Questions Aren’t Difficult

Once you’ve been assigned to a survey for points, taking the survey is even more comfortable than you think with questions that shouldn’t take too long to answer.  The survey question below, for example, is pretty simple: “Which Survey’s Do You Prefer to Take?”  If we had to answer, we’d pick Online Surveys, but the more options you choose here, the more surveys may open up to you!

medley survey

Redeeming is also easy

Once you’ve earned your 1000 points you can redeem it for cash via PayPal or Gift Cards.  We’ve tested Swagbucks, MyPoints, and Survey Junkie and this option is super easy to check out with money in your bank in as little as 2-3 Business Days!

If you are looking for easy surveys to make quick cash, Survey Junkie is our recommendation.  It’s a legit option (not a scam) with tons of options and an easy to use interface, you’ll be earning side cash consistently!

Our Review…

Survey Junkie
*Probably* the best Survey Taking Site
Taking surveys for extra cash is not a new money-making venture online. Don’t expect a ton of money doing them, but Survey Junkie makes it easy. Perhaps, the easiest of all the survey taking sites around!
Unique Value
Potential Impact
Ease of Use
Earn Money Taking Easy Surveys
Take Surveys and Earn Money

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