Tada: New Grocery Receipt Cashback App (from Swagbucks)

Tada: New Grocery Receipt Cashback App (from Swagbucks)

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For those familiar with ibotta, there is a new entrant to this particular space in Tada!  the app from the same company who brought you Swagbucks.  Essentially, you pick and choose products from the app to buy in person and get cashback through the app.

Usually, you’ll have to scan each receipt through your phone’s camera operation for the app to recognize these products.  This extra step makes the app a bit more of a pain to use when you compare them to card linked offers.

In either case, Tada! is going to be a competitor to watch given the amount of cash on hand the Prodege/Swagbucks has to use to develop this one.

For those who use Tada!  let us know how it compares to Ibotta.

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