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Wildlink is the unknown app that can change your life!

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As tech grows, the opportunities to expand your wallet come as well.  Side Hustling is one of the more popular ways to earn extra cash through unique opportunities like Instacart Grocery Shopping. Making money online has never been so easy, yet with so many possibilities it’s so tough to findthe right opportunity for a given person.

Let’s admit it; you probably don’t want to be an UBER driver.  You probably don’t want to deliver groceries either.  We’ve finally encountered a side business app worthy of your device right now.  Plus, with how things spread quickly online, it’s like this app could spread…like Wildfire.

What is the Wildlink App?

Have you ever referred your friend to a pair of pants or perhaps a restaurant and they ended up buying the pants, or eating at the restaurant?  Boy, wouldn’t it be nice if you earned some side money because you gave that business more money?

Well, now you can get money with the Wildlink app.  You can refer friends to Groupon Pages, Macy’s Sales, and thousands more retailers…in a pinch!

Essentially, the app acts as a bridge between the buyer and retailer.

You’ll be the person who has the power to say, “Hey John, I found this Escape Room Groupon, and we had a blast!  You should check it out…here’s the Groupon link (Insert Wildlink).”

If you’ve ever heard of Affiliate Marketing, there’s a new app that brings this concept to the average person called Wildlink.  Bloggers and websites like CNN and Huffington Post make hundreds of thousand’s per month using this marketing aspect!!


Why We’re Excited

Though the app is still quite new and has its fair share of bugs, it’s an exciting opportunity.  An app like Wildlink could bring new careers, and work from home opportunities.

Here’s an example of how someone could potentially use the app full time:

  • Use WildLinks on Facebook
  • Use WildLinks via Text
  • Refer Businesses to Wildlinks
  • and so forth

Because you can refer anything from clothing, financial products, other apps, and travel it does have the power to replace what a Travel Agent does, in finding travel deals and itineraries efficiently.  Since there are major travel sites like Expedia and Priceline that work through the Wildlink app, it’s certainly something to keep in mind!

One of the Board Members is From Honey

While it’s no major surprise to me, it’s cool to see that one of the significant workers on the Honey App is a part of the Wildlink app as well.  Honey works as an automatic coupon code extension and will insert coupons during online checkout.  How they are connected is through Affiliate Marketing, which is why I’m not surprised.

How Wildlink Automatic Linking Works (and How They Make Money)

Tip:  Pretty technical stuff below you can skip if you’d like

As we mentioned the guts of the app is based on Affiliate Marketing.  Tons of sites like RetailMeNot, Ebates, and several blogs make most of their money through this marketing aspect.

Though we can’t speak for the Wildlink app, we think they likely take a small portion of what you would make if you successfully refer someone to a product or service.

For example, You Refer A Coat from Macy’s.  You Make $3, and Wildlink will make $0.50

For the Wildlink company to work, they’ve partnered up with thousands of merchants and companies through Affiliate Networks.  Companies like Macy’s and JCPenney belong to an Affiliate Network and use Links themselves to distribute commission opportunities.

If you are interested in working with these affiliate networks and programs directly, it’s possible!  We show you how by starting a blog, which is the cheapest way to get started.

Who Should Use Wildlink

While it’s not for everyone, there are a few categories that this app could potentially replace:

  • Students
  • MLM Salespeople (See why here)
  • Side Hustles
  • Part-Time Workers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers

We think anyone who can refer a product and not have any compliance or conflict of interest issues should be using Wildlink!

How to Get Started with Wildlink

If you are ready to dive into the app, it’s fairly straightforward to begin.  First, you’ll need:

  • PC with Windows
  • Android Device
  • Apple iOS Device
  • 13 years old and up

Quick note:  Be sure to sign up for an account FIRST before you start using the app.

Once you’ve signed up, you should be ready!

Using Your PC:

We don’t recommend using this method of sharing links via Wildlink.

text sign up issues
Note the SMS error (works fine on Smartphone)

It’s been buggy with our experience…but this should improve over time.  On the other hand, you can still access the links perfectly fine using the browser from the main Wildlink website.

  1. Choose Settings and Use Your Phone Number to Log In (and Sign Up)
  2. Head to the Stats Page to See if Your Friends Have Clicked
  3. Head to the Stores Page to Begin Referring Links

From the stores tab, you’ll be able to search and locate popular merchants where you think you can refer your friends to.  Let’s say you wanted to refer your cousin to a trip using Expedia.  Hit the share button on the Expedia store to bring up a Facebook, Text, or URL copy option.  This is your Wildlink.  This is how you’ll make money through the app is someone successfully buys the trip.

wildlink share button

Using iOS or Android:

Steps are pretty similar to the PC version.  Download the app, and then you’ll be asked to sign up through a valid telephone number.   Validate the app when you get the SMS text you’ll shortly receive after entering in your number.

  • Select the Stores Tab (which looks like a House)…this is where find merchants and share links.
  • Select the Stats Tab (which looks like a Line Graph)…this is where you’ll see if your friends clicked on your links!
  • Community Tab (looks like a Health Monitor)…this is where you’ll find other users making money
  • Settings Tab (looks like a Person)…this is where you’ll find your account info

How to Properly Link

In order for the links to be valid, you’ll need to make sure that the app is open at all times you are linking and referring Wildlinks.  The app will automatically turn copied links into Wildlinks, but if you haven’t logged into the app properly or do not have it running, there are no guarantees you’ll get credit for a referred link. For more support you should reach out to their team:

support@wildlink.me or head to their support page:


Quick Note PayPal and Payout

Enter in a valid PayPal email address to get paid out when you reach over $25.  See our post about the best Debit cards which includes the PayPal Cash Card.  When you utilize that card, you can quickly turn PayPal money into real cash using thousands of ATMs nationwide!

paypal cash card

We’ve been asked before if Cashback or Referral money is taxable, and while ideal places like Ebates don’t seem to be taxed for a typical consumer, it’s best to consult a tax professional if you’ve reached over $10,000 in sales using any app!

Is This a Scam in Any Way?

While links that don’t appear to work will result in upset customers, this doesn’t mean Wildlink is a scam.  This is not a scam in any way.  Affiliate Marketing links need to be utilized in the right manner in order for a user to get money, so Wildfire will definitely have it’s fair share of issues since it’s a brand spanking new product.

However, if you stick with the service you’ll be one of the first few that have been loyal to an exciting new opportunity that has unlimited potential!

Our Review…

Early, But Worth It!
While the service does have it’s fair share of bugs, we’re certainly excited for the future of Wildlink. Affiliate Marketing is one of those overused and understood marketing aspects that people tend confuse. Wildlink has the mission of making it useable for the average person and given our experience with it, we’re intrigued.
Ease of Use
Potential Impact
Social Impact
Why You Should Try It
Game Changing Opportunity
Easy Payout with PayPal
Unique Opportunity
Why You Should Not Try It
Very New
Refer Your Links

2 thoughts on “Wildlink is the unknown app that can change your life!”

  • Kelly Parmer says:

    This app is not “brand spanking new”. It’s been around for a few years. It’s awful and doesn’t work. I made two personal purchases using my links to “test” it and of course both times failed to even show up as purchases at all, so nothing earned. I contacted support, which gave long-winded replies that tried to explain away all the bugs and problems.
    This app is worthless.

    • The links worked for me on tests. If you had issues, it could be that you shopped for coupons or went to a loyalty site like Ebates/Rakuten on the last minute. Whenever you go elsewhere from a link you generate, you may lose the ability to earn commissions there.

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